SerialPort Output

This patch enables you to use any attached serial port as a output device. You can configure the port in the inspector

SerialPort Inspector

Device: Choose an available device. Tries to reconnect on lost connection or project startup.
Baud Rate: Select a baud rate for the device.
Parity: None, even or odd parity.
Stop Bits: Select if one or two start bits should be used
Use Clock: Checking this option uses the clock input for sending. You may connect an LFO with 30 FPS (the other values don’t matter at all) to it if you want to have a refresh rate of 30 resends per second. Otherwise it will send data if the input has changed.

While connected, the output Connected is 1, otherwise 0.


  • Bytes (Data)
  • Clock (any type)


  • Connected (Number)